Isetan Singapore (Scotts) 熊本フェアへの出店

昨年度に続き、ISETAN Singapore Scotts店での熊本フェアに六調子酒造殿の長期熟成焼酎を出品致します。期間は本日8月23日より9月5日迄となります。

一部商品は伊勢丹シンガポール ONLINE STOREでも期間限定でお買い求め頂けます。よろしくお願いします。

NANZAN BUSSAN is going to start the special promotion in Isetan Singapore Scotts during 23rd August to 5th September. This time we are going to introduce Rokuchoshi Distillery’s (Kumamoto pref.) vintage Shochu as follows.

<What is ROKUCHOSH Distillery>

Introducing Shochu from Kumamoto Prefecture produced by Rokuchoshi Distillery. Rokuchoshi Distillery is known to produce aged premium rice (kome) and barley (mugi) shochu since 1923. They go to great lengths to develop and improve the method for aging in the oak barrels. In 2018 and 2019, Rokuchoshi Distillery won 3 golden stars by iTQi Superior Taste Award. Geographically speaking, Rokuchoshi Distillery is situated in an area that is optimum to make rice shochu – ultimately known as Kuma Shochu.
Mr. Sousuke IKEBE from the distillery is coming to Isetan Scotts from 23rd Aug to 30th

Some of items you can find at the ISETAN Singapore ONLINE STORE for a limited time.

  1. Chokoshu Toroshikaya (超古酒 とろしかや)  $350 (Premium wooden box / 720ml / Alc. 40.3%)
    →29 years sherry barrel aged rice shochu & 16 years oak barrel aged barley shochu. New in Singapore. Super Vintage. Limited 18 bottles. (A year produce around 80 bottles only. )
  1. Daikoshu Toroshikaya (大古酒 とろしかや)  $188 (With gift box / 720ml / Alc. 38%)
    →20 years oak barrel aged rice shochu and barley shochu. Won 3 golden stars by iTQi superior taste award 2018 & 2019. Limited 48 bottles.
  1. Kodaiikko (古代一壺)  $170 (With gift box / 720ml / Alc. 38%)
    →Oak barrel aging, Solid rice shochu. Annualy only 500 to 600 bottles produce. Consists of three different vintage rice shochu in 1990, 2006 and 2007. Limited 60 bottles for Isetan this promotion.
  2. Rokuchoshi Red Label (六調子赤)  $88 (With gift box / 720ml / Alc. 28%)
    →A rice distilled spirit aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 11 years with controlled storage conditions similar to that of Scotland’s whisky region. Smooth tastes, rich aroma and fruit flavours. When served on the rocks, it is very elegant and smooth with no harshness. Also recommend with soda, called “Red High Ball” for enjoying the cool breeze! Limited production of 800 to 1000 bottles annually.


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